11 novembre 2011

Roots Demos - Niceness to Listen

Greetings People ...

Here 's a link that will make you discover some Nice tracks of Free Independant Artists.
The site is held by our great Brother Prince Arjen who make efforts to promote Roots reggae music ina particular Vibe . Don't hesitate to CHECK IT & post a comment ....

You'll find some treasure & also a track of your servant The Original Roots Reminder - Free

 Irie !!!!

29 juillet 2011

Irie - How Long (1994)

01- Feel No Way
02- Try Jah Love
03- Shepperd
04- Melodie Ecoute                     No Cover for this IRIE LP
05- One Drop
06- Jah Coming In
07- How Long
08- Natural Feeling
09- Qui est le Chauffeur
10- Nucléaire
11- Jahman
12- Jordan River

Irie is a band that no longer exist, Formed in the Caribean ( St Marteen ) , The members rapatried themselves into France at the late 80's - Early 90's. Composed of Bob Wasa who Sing now with the Well-Knowned "Positive Roots Band", Frankie Humphrey who played with "Manjul" & other Great Singers & Players of Instruments, The Man Called Jacob who returned on His Island of St Marteen,  Bab Kaya (Bass)...
An Extraordinary Potential to become a Great Band but tings made it run on one another direction...
After a critical period where members not agreed on facts inside the formation, everyone took its personal direction. Frankie tried to maintain Irie a little bit more, made an album called "Actualités", & stopped after...

HOW LONG is THE album which should have propulse the group in higher regions, but never been released.
It is impossible to find this One Elsewhere out of the Original Roots Reminder Blog .

Ripped in 256 Kbps from my personal tape, I try to give you a good quality for yours ears so be indulgent with the Sound released 'cause the original  tape sound is average.

Enjoy this Exceptional Post

3 juin 2011