22 mai 2013

Natty Dread - Paradi Babylone (1995)

This Album is the First One of Natty Dread Band from Reunion Island ... & is ripped from an old tape a friend gave I after a long period passed on the Island. The Sound is excellent but I don't have the name of all titles ... If Someone have it, It would be nice to transmit ... Generally the Music played on the Island is derived from Reggae and called Seggae. In Majority this Band plays Reggae like this album, with a radiatin' sound ....

01- Paradi Babylon
02- Unknown 1
03- Okilé La Police
04- Unknown 2
05- Marley
06- Pou Zot Zanfan
07- Unknown 3
08- Unknown 4

Enjoy this rarity here...!!!

Desmond Faada Johnson - Pucko Music (2003)

Who's this Artist ? Where does He come From ? On which way is He Troddin' ? All these information will be found here.

01- Experience (Mass Jobe)
02- Election
03- Dem Days
04- The Big Ever Blame (She Was Silent)
05- Ole Charlie Boy
06- My People
07- Song - Chant !
08- Love At First Sight
09- Pucko Poetry
10- Put I In The Mood
11- Experience Dub
12- Election Dub
13- Dem Days Dub
14- The Big Ever BlameDub
15- Ole Charlie Boy Dub
16-  Song - Chant ! Dub
17- Love At First Sight Dub

An Excellent Album as I & I Love it ... A Good Poet that you can check Here...!!!

17 mai 2013

Fleshy Ranks - Bustin' Out (Heartbeat 1994)

                     Fleshy 's not a well known dj but I'm sure you'll like his style !

01- Unbottled Wine
02- I Love My Woman
03- Rude Boy Business (feat. Courtney Melody)
04- Yuh Start It, A
05- Jah Jah A Call You
06- Leave You Gun At Home
07- Love Her For Real
08- Give Her What She Wants (feat. Screwdriver)
09- Can't Test
10- Show Mi Dem
11- Woman Wha' You Want
12- No Coke
13- Good Lyrics
14- Same Mouth
15- Reggae Gon Pon Top (featuring Parow)

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15 mai 2013

Daddy Freddy Meets The Rootsman - Old School New School (2000)

01- Keeping A Session
02- No Carbon
03- Back Pon Dem Case
04- Worldwide Pollution
05- The Snake The Rat
06- God Come First
07- Imitator
08- Wa Do Dem
09- Where Were You
10- Hot Gal Only
11- Fatal Attraction
12- Heathen
13- Back Pon Dem Case (Remix By Strongpoint)
14- Wa Do Dem (Remix By Nigel Parker)
15- Heathen (Remix by Strongpoint)
16- Heathen (Bonus Remix)

A Killer that Everyone Should Check Here...!!!

14 mai 2013

Connecting Routes - Out in the Open (n mint KEBRA 1994)

Connecting Routes is a group from  Birmingham, United Kingdom. I've no Info about them, only this album ripped from an old tape that follow me since the late 90's...
You can see a little audience (that don't appear on this album) here

01- Personality
02- Rise
03- Society
04- There Was a Boy
05- Glory Hallelujah
06- Black Or White
07- Change (Rearrange)
08- Lady In The Flowers
09- Above The Heavens
10- Living On The Edge
11- Turn It On Up
12- Olaudah Equiano

Hope You will enjoy this album Here...!!!

3 mai 2013

Ras Nestor & Jah Time - How Long (The First Mix - 1997)

Exclusively on Original Roots Connexion !

Ras Nestar aka Mystic born on St Lucie - Here's a demo with Jah Time Band & Mixed at Lion Studio in London. (Very Rare Sound).

Video here !!!

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Keep the Fire Burnin...!!!

Ras Nestar & Artikal Band - Where You Come From (199x)

With a bonus track ...

Enjoy this Great Artist Here ...!!!