13 avril 2013

Third World - Prisoner In The Street (island records 1980)

Here's another Classic (Live) that is no longer available on others blogs, but I think that everyone should possess this piece of reggae. One of the first reggae album I heard, there's a long time now...

01- Now that We Found Love
02- Prisonner In The Street
03- Third World Man
04- Cold Sweat
05- 96° In The Shade
06- African Woman
07- Irie Ites
08- Street Fighting

Third World Here ...!!!

I will be absent for the next week, so don't panic, I'll be back with some precious one ... rare tings... Stay Irie !!!

Culture - Nuff Crisis (blue moon 1988)

Here's a Classic One that I very like - Respect Mr Joseph Hill (RIP) & Culture Band ...

01- Peace Love & Harmony
02- Revolution Time
03- Want Go See
04- Jah RastafarI
05- Bang Belly Baby
06- Crack In N.Y.
07- Frying Pan
08- Don't Cry, Sufferer
09- How Did I Stray
10- Never Gonna Get Away

Care this Album Here...!!!

Winston Riley Presents Dancehall Techniques (VA) (1986-91)


5 avril 2013

Bob Wasa - Take Care Of My Life (1997)

Blessed Love One & All - Here 's exclusively on Original Roots Connexion a rare piece.
The first solo album of my beloved brother Bob Wasa featuring Sista Samayone. It was before the time the artist was playing with "Artikal Band" and then with "Positive Roots Band". If my memory is good, the album was produced in 1997,  recorded & mixed in Paris by Regis Tareau & with a cover art by Brother Fluoman.

01- Liberation
02- Take Care Of My Life
03- Try Jah Love
04- Reggae Feeling
05- Promise Land
06- Rainy Day
07- Natural Feeling
08- Feel No Way
09- Promise Dub

Enjoy it Here...!!!

2 avril 2013

Linval Thompson - Look How Me Sexy (Uk 1982)

*** Request by Jilles***

01- Are You Ready
02- You're Young
03- Look How Me Sexy
04- Call Me
05- Sure Of The One You Love
06- Baby Mother
07- I Spy
08- Things Couldn't Be The Same
09- Holding On To My Girlfriend
10- Lick Up The Chalice