23 mars 2013

Junior Cony & Shanti D - The Meaning Of Life (2008)

01- More Respect
02- More Dub
03- Behind The Smile
04- Faya Bun
05- Dry
06- Too Late
07-The Meaning Of Life
08- L.O.V.E (Discomix)

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Junior Cony - Peace Monger (2006)

01- Channel 77
02- Nambia
03- Animal's Day
04- Irie Woman
05- Living For Dub
06- Family Affair
07- Too Late Dub
08- Marathon
09- True Dub
10- Glory Dub
11- Meaning Of Dub
12- Peace Monger
13- Wolf Sentence

Another Good Piece Down Here...!!!

Junior Cony Meets Shanti D & Mister Irie - At The Government Shop (2003)

01- Originally
02- No More a Dat
03- I Don't Like To Dub
04- Vision
05- Now Is The Time
06- Now Is The Dub
07- Meditation
08- Pay Back
09- Nowhere To Go
10- Face Reality
11- Nowhere To Dub
12- War
13- Final War

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Junior Cony - Inna Roots Tradition (2003)

01- Burn Babylon
02- Guide My Star
03- Reggae International
04- Maka Booka
05- Originally Dub Mix One
06- Slavery 77
07- Clappers Roots
08- Judgement
09- Keus Keus
10- Family Man
11- Jaures Dub

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Bob Marley & The Wailers - Interviews So Much Things to Say (1995) * REPOST *

This Interview was recorded by Neville Willoughby on a Portable Sony TC-106 A (reel to reel). The microphone used was a standard uni-directional mic which came with the machine. Somehow, He never got the clarity from the tape recorderthat he got when he interviewed Bob Marley.

Bob has just returned from a tour of North America. It had been one of his first overseas tour and it had gone well. Denzil Laing (One of Jamaici's best percussionists) came along with Neville to help him locate Bob at a house in Bull Bay.
It was a Sunday morning - cool & sunny. Bob was in a relaxed mood. Neville sensed that Bob was standing on the edge of greatness, & somehow he knew that he sensed it too. Inded, some of the tings that he said were almost prophetic. But then, they might have beenthe sayings of a man who was completely confident in himself and Jah Almighty.

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21 mars 2013

Gato Negro - Vital Force Dub (Roir 1995) * REPOST *

01- Marbrekesque
02- Wake Up
03- Muntu Dub
04- Mornin'Shine
05- Power Light
06- Precious Dub
07- Guidance
08- Vital Force Dub
09- Language Of Flowers
10- Nnanna Dub
11- Weep Not, Hope Dub
12- Sense-tion Dub
13- Heartical Dub
14- Never Endin' Dub
15- All Things Considered
16- Overstandin' Dub

Second African Dub Album Here...!!!

Gato Negro - Black Cat Dub (1991) * REPOST *

Link was Dead on It

Good African Dub is Here ... !!!

5 mars 2013

Last Request ...

Blessed Love One & All .

Here are last request on Original Roots Connexion:

By Rocker: King Kong - Rumble Jungle Life 

By Jilles: Billy Boyo (Zim Zim & The Very Best of Me) , Lady Ann - Informer (1983) & Nicodemus Junior - Snakes And Ladders (1983)

Enjoy it...!!!

Thanks To Contributors

I Man would just give thanks to JAHJOJO for his contribution by sending I my last request :

- B.B.Seaton & Conscious Minds - Gun Court Dub Vol 3

All Blessings...